[!] Important

I'm locking my journal. I don't want anyone under 18 to read my fics, even rated as PGs. It's up to you if I add you - just comment here and say how old you are. I count on your honesty.


Christmas Eve

@ Christmas Eve - the most important evening in whole year in Poland. We gather around the table, share the bread and wish everyone merry, good peaceful time. I love Christmas Eve, it gives me hope.

@ After the supper, I watched HOLIDAY [again] and I was crying [again]. Beautiful film, wonderful message. Love is possible, actually.

@ Speaking of which. LOVE ACTUALLY on tv. I'm watching. Again. This film makes me feel better. Always. I cry sometimes. I laugh when Hugh Grant is dancing. And you know what? I believe in love. Yes I do! Hope tomorrow I will feel the same :)

@ Which leads us to Christmas again. Let them be MERRY :) I love you all <3

The child is a king, the carollers sing,
The old has passed, there's a new beginning.
Dreams of santa, dreams of snow,
Fingers numb, faces aglow...

And... this ===>>> The Power of LOVE http://youtu.be/JyySGANvRsI

the mist

On the bus to Gdansk, the mist is covering the fields,the view is enchanting, sad,mystical. This is the nameless moment, let's dive into the mist, the shadows, the early evening; the big new is coming. Autumn brings changes,every year. Nameless,unknown changes.Let's face them without fear.

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yesterday, on the beach

Today is a good day so far-sunny,peaceful,I saw my Sis today in the morning,now I'm back by the sea,with my bike and the bag full of chestnuts.The beach always calms me down,the calling of the sea gives me a quiet moment of peace,so needed when my life is full of anxiety and doubts.Here, on the beach, I find this point,this elusive place,between rage and serenity.

Instead of Saturday entry

@ Hello all. Last week and the previous one were disasterous. At work I mean.

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@ Sunny weekend at home with my Granny. I went to order a tomb for my mother and uncles, something which is obvious in Poland because our cementaries look like ancient lapidaria.

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@ Football.
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@ Tv series. Apart from "Game of Thrones", "Borgias" and "Supernatural", I'm watching "Camelot".

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@ Tv series: Supernatural.

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@ Tv series: Vampire Diaries.

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@ Films. I've watched "Priest" recently.

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@ Summer outside. I'm on a train to Gdansk, carrying with me my heavy, 20 years old bicycle. Made in USRR. Practically new. My sis, bless her, convinced me to do it. Now I need to re-learn to ride it. So help me god.

@ A song for today? Something about eternity, perfect for any funeral. Kansas and

Carry on my wayward son

There'll be peace when you are done

Lay your weary head to rest

Don't you cry no more